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Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky

Publishing One

Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky

This is our first publication, Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky, cooperating with Shawn Cowling. It is an interesting novel, about dreams, friendships and discovering the world under the clouds. If you are interested, you may obtain it from the following various digital formats.


Pendleton Connor’s day started off just like any other; coffee from a tin cup, explosion in the lab, and a cackling scientist proud of her newest discovery. When the doctor revealed a secret correspondence from “The Society” calling her and her ship to their aid, the day became strikingly unique.

As The Egress prepares for a cross continental journey the ship is ambushed by bandits that turn out to be a long forgotten enemy.

Pendleton quickly learns his world is a bit larger than he could have ever imagined. Alongside his friends Hazel, the skilled mechanic; Abigail, the pilot everyone wishes to be; Thatcher, the outspoken leader of the bunch, and the rest of the Egress’ crew, Pendleton discovers his role to play in a struggle that started long before he ever took flight.

Pendleton Connor Claims the Sky is a steampunk styled tale of adventure, friendship and discovering the world below the clouds.

HOTPOT iPad version has been released on 50% off!

HOTPOT iPad version has been released on 50% off, don’t miss this opportunity!

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id590379334?mt=8

HOTPOT HD the iPad version will be available around 7/1/2013!

Hi everyone,

HOTPOT HD, the iPad version of HOTPOT has been submitted to App Store today, and it will be available around 7/1/2013.

We will drop the price by 50% within the launching period, so stay tune and do not miss it!

Dave Au
Game Designer@Ugamor Team


HOTPOT iPhone board game has won the “Hong Kong Game Development Award 2012”, which is organized by “Hong Kong Game Development Association” and sponsored by “Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited”.

Congratulations! To see the details, visit the following links, which is conducted in cantonese:http://www.hkgd.org/event.php?eid=2012122301

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